Costumes for Infants and Toddlers

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When the fall rolls around, as a mother of children, I realize that it’s time to start planning the costumes for my little ones. Some years my kids know exactly what they want to be and preparing the costumes has been relatively easy. Other years getting costumes ready for my kids has seemed overwhelming and stressful to me.

Stressing out about Halloween costumes can now be a thing of the past because buying costumes has never been easier with costume websites dotting the internet. I’ve found a great website here for moms that are looking for costumes for their kids of all ages but today I wanted to let you know about some of the great costumes for infants and toddlers at this website.

This website has a lot of great bunting costumes for little babies that are going to be carried around by mom or sitting in a stroller on Halloween night. Some of my favorites at this website are the infant bunting M&M, the bunting lamb or lion, the bunting sunflower, or the especially cute is the infant bunting baby devil. More bunting costumes that caught my eye were the baby pizza, and the baby banana. My absolute favorite baby bunting costumes were the baby whoopee cushion, and the baby muscleman.

This page also has great toddler costumes too. The little princess in your house will have many costumes to choose from. The little man in your house will have many options to choose from too.

My favorites for the little girls were the “I Dream of Genie” costume, the little miss mouse costume, the belly dancer costume, or the miss piggy costume. There are so many choices for little girls that you really should go and check it out for yourself.

My favorites for the little boys were the knight of the terrible twos costume, the easy rider costume, the Arabian knight costume, the cow print cowboy, or the captain hook costume. As with the girl’s costumes there are plenty for the boys to choose from too.

There are a couple of reasons that I like this particular site. First, it has costumes in a wide range of prices starting at $9.99 and moving on up. Second, I can just order on-line and have my costumes delivered to my door.

This is definitely a website worth checking out when you’re looking for costumes for your kids.

Star Wars Costumes

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Stay on target… stay on target…

I love Star Wars costumes. They have been staples for just about 30 years now. The good news is that they aren’t all that hard to make or to buy if you are looking for one. Everything from Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to Chewy can be found if you are looking for.

These guys have quite a few good choices ranging from about $25-100. Darth Vader, Darth Maul. Count Dooku, Anakin, Yoda, Palpatine, Storm trropers, etc. You name it they probably have it.

If that doesn’t do it for you there are some excellent other resources for Star Wars costumes you should to be sure to shop at here, here, or here.

There is something so nerdy about busting out a Star Wars costume that makes it cool…

May the for… oh, never mind.

Renaissance costume

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Dang — spelling “renaissance” is a pain isn’t it?

Well getting your hands on a renaissance costume isn’t quite as difficult as spelling “renaissance costume” even if it will cost you quite a bit more. If you want to make your own renaissance costume hold on and we’ll try to post on that later. In this post I figured I could show you a few places online to find some cool costumes.

Over at Costume Man they have several choices starting at about $99. Other pretty decent resources for renaissance costumes can be found online here, here, and here.

It seems like there are generally more women’s choices than men’s but perhaps should be expected.

Happy hunting!

Caribbean Pirate Costumes

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Pirate costumes are all the rage this year again thanks to Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and friends. The bad news is that if you show up to a costume party as a pirate you probably won’t be the only pirate there. The good news is that you can pillage all the loot with the other pirates who show up… Oh, wait… The good news is that there a tons and tons of choices for Caribbean Pirate costumes out there on the Web this year.

I’m assuming most of y’all don’t plan to sew your own costumes this year (though we can blog on how to do that here too if you want) so here are some resources to a few good places to find Caribbean Pirate costumes online.

Source 1 - These guys have a pretty good (and inexpensive) inventory of pirate and wench costumes. Prices range from about $20 to just under $70 for an Jack Sparrow costume. (Check out the kids Jack Sparrow too — pretty amusing).

Source 2
- These guys have a huge inventory. Their prices vary but odds are you’ll find what you want here at least.

Others: There are several other places I like to check for these sorts of costumes too. If you don’t find what you like in the sources above try here, here, or here. (Plus this one has some cute toddler costumes.)

Happy hunting mateys. Arrrrrr…